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Go Dream Go Play, at gomeng we’re taking play seriously. We design and manufacture playground equipment that is safe, exciting, and most importantly fun! From traditional playground to personalized custom designs, we have something for every situation. Our product is the most affordable in the industry, we maintain the highest quality, not just in product, but also in customer service.
Wenzhou Gemeng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd
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Our founding

Gemeng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd was founded by Jayu, Pan and Andrew. Before the company was founded, they have been working in playgrounds and toys industries for more than 8 years. To bring the children safe, fun and the most affordable products in the industry, they decided to start A new adventure. So here comes the Gomeng Play.
Where does the name "gomeng" come from?
Meng(梦)* means “Dream” in Chinese, we wish everyone who loves the play would find or start their own dream in the play world. Bringing joy to children in different places of the world with gomeng playground equipment is our dream. What about yours?
Wenzhou Gemeng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd
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