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Compare to simple post-and-platform traditional playgrounds, more and more customers are looking for playgrounds that something unique and special. Custom themed playgrounds grant that wish and more. Themes can ignite creativity, and themed playgrounds invite children to play different roles, practice expressing emotions and train their communicating and social skills.

With our design experience, broad range of materials and equipment styles, custom and themed playground at Gomeng Play allows clients to create playgrounds on any theme they desire and perfectly suits the site.

If you own a business, school, park or shopping mall, you can use custom playgrounds to market your brand or to create a space which share your views and spirit. For example, you can create a playground around your business theme or with school colors to foster school spirit. With custom playgrounds, the opportunities are endless.

Let us help you bring your imagination to life.

Click below for some great examples and designs of customized playground

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Design Ideas

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